Driver’s License Restoration

Driver’s License Restoration

Under my administration, the Marion County prosecutor’s Office has established Second Chance Workshops, the Good Faith Initiative, and other initiatives to restore driver’s licenses for thousands of Marion County residents.

In a county of approximately 964,000 total residents, there are more than 130,000 residents with suspended driver’s licenses in our city.

This staggering statistic is an issue that often exposes our neighbors to the criminal justice system for simply not being able to afford to pay a traffic ticket. Having a driver’s license is critical to daily life and a key component to increasing job readiness and employment opportunities. 

Too many people have lost their driver’s license not because they are criminals or dangerous drivers, but because they lack the ability to pay a traffic ticket. This is criminalizing poverty, not addressing public safety. 

As your prosecutor, I will continue to protect your freedom to seek opportunity and a better life.