Reproductive Rights

Reproductive Rights

The battle for a woman’s right to choose didn’t start in a doctor’s office. It started in the prosecutor’s office. The “Wade” in Roe v. Wade was the Dallas County prosecutor who unjustly prosecuted women, doctors and nurses who sought and provided abortion care.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office isn’t going to waste one resource prosecuting pregnant people, doctors and nurses who seek or provide abortion care. As I walk around this community no one has ever said to me, you know what the problem is? Doctors, nurses and women.

We’re going to stay focused on what’s truly important. And that’s keeping our community safe. Prosecuting healthcare decisions has the opposite effect. 

We are also working alongside reproductive rights organizations to organize and call upon Indiana lawmakers to refrain from passing restrictive, unsafe, and chilling anti-abortion laws when they convene in late July for their Special Session. 

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